Friday, 20 March 2015

To the guys who send "pseudo - proposals" to me

An open letter to the guys who think they love me and send proposals on "Whatsapp" "Facebook"  "Hangouts" and other similar pseudo-places.

Wake up!  Stop imagining. Relationships aren't like dreams. They are true. They are real. They exist in our world.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions.

  1. Have I spoken to you in person? 
  2. Did you get to know me, before you decided to send a proposal? 
  3. Did we spend enough time getting to know each other?  
  4. Have we gone out together on dates and do we have favourite hangout places ? 
  5. At the least, did we have a couple of coffee chats together? 
  6. Have we walked long paths together, without knowing where we were heading?  
  7. Do you know of my likes and dislikes, though i haven't mentioned about them to you?
  8. Can we complete each others sentences ? 
  9. Can I predict your moves and actions ? 
  10. Do you know how to turn my bad days and moodswings into a good one? 
  11. Do we make up for each others shortcomings?
  12. Do we acknowledge each others faults and have adjusted ourselves to deal with them? 
  13. Do you know what ticks me and cracks me up ?
  14. Do you know about the people in my life I care alot about? 
  15. Have we met each others friends and do they seem like our immediate family? 
  16. Have I introduced you to my family, or at least spoken to you about them ?
  17. Do I know your deepest desires? 
  18. Do you know my life aims and goals? 
  19. Do you know what songs make me dance and what food I crave for ? 
  20. Do you know the color of my eye? Have you taken to the time to understand my complicated being? 
  21. Do you know of my adventures and were you by my side when i was at it ? 
  22. Have we fought and patched up like it didnt happen at all ?
  23. Did we talk about the "list"? Have we ticked off a few of them at least?
  24. Are you aware of my adventurous and sporty side? 
  25. Have we met without prior notice and made random plans together? 
Ask yourself, these questions, before you come to conclusions on your own. If Most of the answers are NO, don't waste your time. A word of advice to all the guys out there," Be a man, and express your emotions to a girl,  by looking her in the eyes. Tell her in person. Don't take to such pseudo-forums. They are the cowards choice. Be brave. Stand up for yourself and don't say the "L" word like wishing  "Good morning". It means more. Respect it. 

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