Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hack your way to learn.

"The best way to learn a new skill is to HACK - BREAK - FIX it. And fix it before you are in trouble"

These days i am busy learning and getting acquainted with new technologies and codes. I have been reading many white papers, research papers and hanging out at places like stackoverflow, stack exchange and other developer and community forums. Hanging out here is like walking into a party. There are days where you are greeted with many dazzling perfect solutions that work like a piece of cake, And then, there are the other days, the dry ones, when you are left alone to tackle the army of warnings and errors marching from your neatly maintained code.

When in this situation,

Do you feel isolated? helpless?
Do you know the solution, yet withdraw yourself?

As a newbie, one tends to be very curious and at the same time doubly cautious in working with codes and machines. I usually double check with the installation guide and read other peoples experiences with the same software/errors/solutions before i get my hands to fire the commands. It is quite a risk. I know. I have been there, Kid.

But, is it worth the risk? Is it worth breaking?

Well, what is life without risk. Jokes apart. My answer is yes.

Become Rajinikanth, take the risk. But do it with precaution. Before breaking, make sure you can reverse the effects, if it goes wrong. Keep a copy of the original files. Keep a log of our actions. Use scripts if your making an installation. Ask for expert advice from your colleagues and seniors. Do a safe trial. Make sure no one else is affected. Be cautious. But, break.

Cos only when you break and fix can you learn.

Hack-break-fix-learn is the mantra.

Happy Learning!

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