Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Breaking the fear!

I  was recently watching a Tedx Talk that discusses on how one can learn a new subject in less than a days time, well in 20 hours, he says. (Impressive isn't it?)

 One particular discussion caught my attention. The speaker emphasis that the most important aspect of learning something new is to first overcome the "fear of the unknown". I have often found myself in a situation wherein i fear and self-doubt before i get acquainted with a new skill. I bet, most of us have been in this position. Many of us get discouraged, while some of us manage to overcome the fear and move on to master the skill.


The trick is in the first 20 hours. Dedicate your time to the topic for the first 20 hours and you are good to master it in the coming days or weeks or even years, depending on what skill you wish to master. I tried this trick and it seems to be working! The fear of the unknown is what pulls us back. It is like a rock tied to your leg. Once you cut loose from the rock, you are free to run around and explore more. So guys, dont wait here. Book 20 hours on your calendar and get sailing.

 For those of you who wish to watch it, it is called  'The First 20 Hours: Mastering the Toughest Part of Learning Anything', by Josh Kaufman. I have attached the video below:

Happy Learning!

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